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Ranorex 7.0 to be released in next few weeks

/, Ranorex/Ranorex 7.0 to be released in next few weeks

Ranorex 7.0 to be released in next few weeks

Ranorex 7.0 Major Release is due in the next few weeks with some amazing new features

  • Integration with your exsiting Selenium WebDriver testing
  • Execute Web tests on remote machines with Selenium Server or Grid
  • Re-designed WPF plug-in for better supprt of WPF apps including shorter RanoreXPath
  • Revised support for 3rd party controls: Infragistics, Telerik and DevExpress
  • Revised test Suite structure with the implementation of ‘Smart Folders’
  • Ability to create JUnit reports for closer integration into C.I. tools

We have been helping with the Beta testing, and have been really impressed with the new features in 7.0
Without a doubt the best new feature is the ability to execute web tests on remote machines using Selenium. Selenium is a candidate for a W3C standard so is hard not to ignore. Using Selenium Server/Grid, you can set up remote machines (Linux, Mac OSX, Windows) with Selenium Server with multiple Web Browsers. In Ranorex you create your Web Tests as normal – recording the scripts locally, using the Object Repository etc., no changes. But when you execute them, you can choose your end-point (your remote machine with Selenium Server on) and execute the tests remotely, allowing you to choose your platform & browser!
Ranorex hinted that parallelization is also in the pipeline, allowing you to run automated web tests concurrently on multiple end-points.
As Ranorex generates your Automated test suite as a .NET Assembly which can be execute from the command line, it is very easy to integrate into Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins. So in 7.0 the ability to generate JUnit compatible test results is ideal, as we can easily use Jenkins plug-ins to pick up and publish the Ranorex JUnit report for us.
have a look at the Ranorex web site for more information

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