Microsoft Playwright Training from Edgewords

Playwright is a fantastic new web testing tool from Microsoft. Being fully supported by Microsoft and with highly experienced developers (originally from Google as developers of Pupeteer) this automated testing tool provides some great benefite over its competition:Playwright Logo
  • Fast deployment, with everything you need. Playwright is available as a simgle API, or as a complete framework with a recorder, inspector, Test Framework, Assertion Library, Browsers and Video/Screenshot recording.
  • Multi-platform, Multi-browser – The only tool that lets you run WebKit (used by Safari, iOS) Browser on your Windows machine. Playwright includes Chromium, Firefox & WebKit. It is available on Windows, Mac & Linux
  • Very fast test execution
  • Easy to use, with tools to record actions, and also to locate web elements
  • Easy integration into Continuous Integration Tools, it even includes a GitHub action to execute tests in the cloud through GitHub!
  • As well as GUI testing, it includes RESTful API Testing
  • Shadow-DOM piercing
  • Parallel Execution by Default
  • Sharding – Speed up your testing running tests across multiple machines

Playwright is available in JavaScript, TypeScript, C# & Python. On our course, we use JavaScript which runs on NodeJS.

It is opensource and free!

Our Training Course

Designed for newcomers to Playwright, our course covers everything you need to know to become proficient at writing test cases in Playwright.

On the course, we focus on Playwright Test, using Visual Studio Code and JavaScript.

The course is online, live, instructor-led, and incorporates a comprehensive e-workbook for the course. In between each online session we give you practical exercises for you to have a go at. The sessions are recorded, so you can review them later, and we also provide resources through GitHub projects.

Course Delivery and Duration

The course is delivered online, instructor-led (VILT) over 5 days, with each day being approximately 3.5 hours training. It can also be delivered on-site, classroom-based and this is over 3 full days.


We use GoToTraining for delivery, which can be accessed from a web browser. It provides full audio (VoIP, or Phone), desktop sharing, polls, quizzes, recording etc. We can also Microsoft Teams if required. Playwright can be run on Windows, Linux or Mac, and the course relates to all three platforms.


None, we do have an optional JavaScript primer chapter if you are new to JavaScript. We can also email you the setup instructions before the course so you can setup Playwright Test in readiness.

Course Overview

  • What is Playwright
  • Technology stack, Web Browsers supported
Visual Studio Code IDE
  • IDE Requirements,
  • NodeJS, NPM,
  • Installing & configuring VS Code,
  • Executing JavaScript in VS Code
Playwright Library Setup
  • package.json & npm,
  • Installing Playwright API,
  • VS Code extensions,
  • First simple Playwright API script
Playwright Test Runner Setup
  • Frameworks,
  • Installing Playwright-Test,
  • Creating your first Playwright Test
  • Recording Scripts with the Inspector
Playwright Config
  • Config file options,
  • Config precedence,
  • baseURL, Web Browser options,
  • Browser Navigation,
  • Project definitions.
  • Chrome Development Tools,
  • Using ID, Class & CSS, Text, XPath Chrome extensions,
  • Playwright Inspector,
  • Scoping Elements,
  • Regular Expressions
  • Common Playwright Actions
  • Assertion Libraires,
  • Web Elements,
  • Page Assertions,
  • Locators vs. Element Handles
Capturing Element Attributes
  • Specific Methods,
  • Generic Methods for capturing data from the Web Application.
Synchronisation (Waits)
  • Autowait,
  • Local Timeouts,
  • Test Spec Timeout,
  • Global Timeout Config,
  • Static Waits
  • Capturing Screenshots, Video & PDFs.
  • Image Validation
  • Browser Settings,
  • VS Code Node Debugger,
  • Playwright Test Debugger with Inspector,
  • Trace Mode
API Testing
  • The Request Fixture,
  • executing API tests against a REST Server
Hooks & Test Annotations
  • Grouping Tests into Test Suites,
  • Skipping Tests,
  • Using Filter Tags,
  • Hooks
  • Built-in Reporters,
  • Allure-Playwright
CLI Options
  • Command-line Execution
Parallelism & Sharding
  • Executing tests in Parallel,
  • Sharding across machines


Data-Driven Testing
  • Different approaches to using global data within Test Specs.
Storage States
  • Capturing login storage state and re-using in other tests
Page Object Model
  • What is the POM?, how to implement it into Playwright-Test
GitHub Actions
  • Executing tests automatically against GitHub VMs
Course Overview

How to Book

Please either phone +44 (0)333 939 8884, or email

Private courses can be arranged at a date & time to suit, and are for up to 10 delegates.