The web testing standard

Selenium WebDriver has become the standard tool for automated web testing. So much so that Selenium 4 is W3C compliant, and supported by all the main browser vendors . It is open-source and provides a powerful set of tools for testing your web site. It is available on any platform and can be used with just about any web browser, including remote execution.

You can also integrate it into a huge variety of frameworks such as Cucumber, SpecFlow, Mocha etc, as well as testing frameworks such as NUnit, xUnit, JUnit, MSTest etc., and use your choice of assertion libraries. It also integrates very easily into Continuous Integration Tools such as Jenkins, Azure DevOps, TeamCity etc. We have courses to cover just about all the combinations!

Choose your Language!

Selenium LogoWe offer courses for either Java, C# .NET, JavaScript and also Ruby language bindings. We also offer follow-on courses on using BDD (Cucumber & SepcFlow) with Selenium WebDriver.

Below you will find a list of our Selenium WebDriver courses and a link to a description of each course. Please note that we also offer these as on-site courses at your offices. Please phone for a quote.

Course Title On-Site (days) Online (Sessions)
Selenium WebDriver JavaScript 3 5
Selenium WebDriver C# .NET 3 5
Selenium WebDriver Java 3 5