Ranorex Studio Advanced

Ranorex is one of the most exciting and powerful automated functional testing tools on the market. It is built on Microsoft .NET, has a great IDE with full record & replay, as well as a Test Suite interface for organising your tests. It works against multiple technologies (Desktop, Web, Mobile) and allows execution of tests against remote machines.

Ranorex Advanced Public Courses

Ranorex Training Partner LogoBelow you will find the upcoming schedule of training for the Advanced course, together with a course overview. Ideally you will have already attended our Ranorex Introduction course, or been using Ranorex for a little while. If you have any questions at all about the courses, or the tools, please feel free to call us.

The public courses are all online, using GoToTraining Which is a ‘virtual classroom’ training platform. The courses are all live, instructor-led, with desktop sharing, audio facilities, messaging, polls, questionnaires etc. to give a fully immersive experience.

On-site Classroom Courses

We can also offer the Ranorex courses as two-day classroom if you want them on-site or want a dedicated course for your company and have four or more delegates. The cost for this is €4300 inclusive of expenses & materials (maximum of 10 delegates). We supply everything you need for the training.

Private, Company-Specific online Courses

If you require training just for your company, why not ask us about a private training delivery. This can work out to be more cost-effective if you have a number of delegates for the same course. For example for either of the Ranorex courses, a closed/private online course would be €3100 (maximum of 10 delegates).

This Advanced course follows on from our Introductory course and introduces users to coding and to further enhancing their automated tests to maximise re-usability of code and to make their test scripts more robust and reliable. Throughout the course practical examples are demonstrated against both Windows and Web applications. the course is delivered via a live on-line training session which can be accessed via PC or tablet. The course is delivered as 3 sessions of approx. 3.5 hours each. Homework and a comprehensive workbook are supplied as part of the course.

Below you will find the schedule with a link to register on the course. You can then make payment online by card through our secure PayPal system, or if you need to arrange via invoice, please contact tom.millichamp@edgewords.co.uk

NOTE: For United States customers, please visit the U.S. Course Schedule

The Advanced course covers:
  • Introduction to Ranorex CodingRanorex Training Partner Logo
  • Where to Code and how to access Repository items
  • Capturing Application Values
  • Custom Validation and Synchronization Points
  • Code Reuse
  • Handling Dynamic Objects
  • Error Handling
  • Integration (Azure DevOps, GIT)