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How to set up a Selenium Grid for Remote WebDriver Execution

By | 2017-05-19T12:11:42+00:00 May 19th, 2017|Categories: Automated Testing, Selenium Grid, Selenium WebDriver|Tags: , , , |

For those of you that are using Selenium WebDriver 3 but haven't set up a remote Selenium Server, here is a simple guide to get you going. In this example we are just using 2 PCs. PC1 - This is the PC with Eclipse and WebDriver 3 installed (IP: PC2 - This is the remote [...]

How to set up a Selenium Grid for Ranorex Web Test Remote Execution

By | 2017-04-19T09:59:24+00:00 April 19th, 2017|Categories: Automated Testing, Ranorex, Selenium WebDriver|Tags: , , , |

Ranorex 7 has a brilliant new feature of being able to execute web tests against remote machines using Selenium Server. This allows us to execute tests in parallel against multiple browsers and on various platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac). For those of you that are using Ranorex but haven't set up a remote Selenium server, here is [...]

Ranorex 7.0 to be released in next few weeks

By | 2017-03-29T09:16:07+00:00 March 29th, 2017|Categories: Automated Testing, Ranorex|Tags: , , |

Ranorex 7.0 Major Release is due in the next few weeks with some amazing new features Integration with your exsiting Selenium WebDriver testing Execute Web tests on remote machines with Selenium Server or Grid Re-designed WPF plug-in for better supprt of WPF apps including shorter RanoreXPath Revised support for 3rd party controls: Infragistics, Telerik and DevExpress [...]