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Introduction to Performance Testing

This Performance Testing course is tool-agnostic, it is designed to introduce you to the topics of Load & Performance testing, and guide you on the approach to performance testing projects. Software and Hardware requirements, planning, metrics, success criteria, data planning, roles, everything you need to plan your project. At the end of the course you will also see a demo on how the theory is put into force within an automated tool (JMeter)

Understanding the approach to Load & Performance Testing is essential before implementing any automated tools, and this course guides you through those planning tasks to enable you to gain maximum benefit and results from your performance testing project.

We provide comprehensive courses on all the popular Automated Performance Testing  products. If you have any questions at all about the courses, or the tools, please feel free to call us. Please note that our courses are available as online, instructor-led as well as on-site courses at your offices. Please phone for a quote.

Course Title Duration (online sessions)
Introduction to Performance Testing 2
This tool-independent course introduces the newcomer to Performance Testing to all the basic principles of planning, executing and analysing the performance of your system under test. Focusing on how to develop real-world scenarios to maximise the benefit of the automated tool you choose to use in your project. At the end of the course a demo is given on one of the popular automated tools such as LoadRunner or JMeter. Concepts such as the types of testing; Load, Performance, Soak, Capacity are all explained in detail, together with understanding workload and the ‘Peak Hour’, application concurrency, data requirements and monitoring strategy. As well as understanding Transactional response times and transaction pass/fail numbers. Identifying high risk transactions. Improvement and re-runs

Course Overview

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