JMeter has long been established as the defacto open source load & performance testing tool of choice. We offer this introductory course to get you up & running quickly with the tool.

Learn how to install and configure JMeter, how to create a Test Plan, using Controllers, Samplers, Listeners, creating Assertions, Correlation, Data-Driving Tests and Analysis.

This course is a great follow-on course from our ‘Introduction to Performance Testing’ one-day workshop.

JMeter LogoThis course can be delivered online or on-site, classroom based.. Please phone for a quote.

Course Title Duration (sessions) Location Price
Introduction to JMeter 4 (online) online only contact us

This course introduces Performance testing with Apache JMeter – the most popular open-source Load & Performance testing Tool in use. Ideal for those new to using Performance Testing tools, it will give you all the information you need to install, configure, plan, execute and analyse your Performance testing project.

Course Overview

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