Agile Testing Introductionagile-sprint

This course is the perfect introduction to testers who are moving to testing under Agile methodologies. It explains the different flavours of Agile, the history of Agile and terminology, roles, ceremonies, how to work in Agile teams, testing approaches including TDD, BDD, Shift-left approach and how to build in quality into the project.  


This course is delivered online, which is live, instructor-led training (VILT), or it can be delivered on-site at your premises (Classroom).

Online, the course is over 2 days, with each day being an online session of approx. 3.5 hours.

Classroom, the course is 1 full day.

Course Topics

Agile Methodologies

  • What is agile?
  • History
  • Flavours
  • Single team
  • Scaled
  • Theory versus reality in the workplace

Agile Ceremonies

  • What are they?
  • Purpose
  • How to run them

Agile Roles

  • Who are they?
  • Duties
  • Other names you might here
  • Real life implementations

Working in Agile Teams

  • How to manage work
  • Estimation
  • Sprint or Kanban
  • WiP
  • Swarming
  • Trunk based development
  • Frequent releases
  • P2P

Shift-Left Testing

  • Test early & often
  • Test types
  • Test techniques
  • Test pyramid
  • TDD
  • BDD
  • Defect management

Built-in Quality

  • How to build quality into everything you do
  • Whole team
  • Not just testing


To get prices and to book a course, please contact or phone +44 (0)333 939 8884.

For private Agile courses online or on-site you can have up to 10 delegates on a course. Every delegate receives a comprehensive e-workbook.

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