All of our online courses are Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) training. This means that you are part of a ‘virtual classroom’, and just as in classroom training, there is an instructor, you can see and hear and talk to the instructor, but you have the flexibility to attend from anywhere in the world. We use Microsoft Teams as the training platform, it provides desktop sharing, VoIP, messaging and other features. You can connect from any device with a web browser. For audio best experience is using a USB headset.

What is the format for the courses?

The courses are all divided into sessions of no more than 4 hours (usually 3.5), in each session you will cover a number of topics. The sessions are usually scheduled for the morning, so you will be finished at lunch time and can fit them around your working day. You will be sent a workbook before the course and this also contains some optional ‘homework’ exercises for you to try between sessions.