Ranorex Training

Ranorex Studio is one of the most comprehensive automated testing tools on the market.

It offers a fully integrated development environment built on the Microsoft .NET framework, offering features such as:

  • Support of multiple applications – Desktop, Web and Mobile
  • Record & Replay – to quickly develop automated tests
  • Keyword scripting – simple point & click interface for editing scripts
  • Cross-Browser support for testing different browsers
  • Remote Execution – executing on remote PCs, or even executing web tests using Selenium Server/Grid on multiple platforms
  • Choice of programming languages – VB .NET or C# .NET
  • Command Line execution for integration in to Continuous Integration tools such as Jenkins
  • Simple Data-Driven Testing – using Excel, CSV, or Database sources

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Ranorex Studio has fast become one of the major players in the functional test automation industry, it is stable, powerful and well supported. Being based on Microsoft .NET, it really allows you to use the power of .NET to develop robust, reliable automated tests.

In Ranorex 7, the ability to execute Web Tests on remote machines (physical or virtual) using Selenium Server/Grid gives you the power to test on multiple platforms, multiple browsers and in parallel!

Advanced reporting is built-in, with the ability to also generate JUnit formatted results files for incorporating into tools such as Jenkins / Team City for C.I.

Another great benefit of Ranorex is that as well as Desktop & Web, you can also test mobile apps. These can be on physical devices (phones, tablets) connected by USB or over WiFi, and you can test applications or web browsing on Android and iOS. Again, all using of record & replay.


Ranorex courses from Edgewords:

  • Ranorex Introduction – 2 days, Classroom, or 3 days Online VILT
  • Ranorex Advanced – 2 days, Classroom, or 3 days Online VILT

For the schedule and prices, please see our course schedule at: www.edgewordstraining.co.uk/automated-software-testing-training-courses/ranorex-training/


Why use Edgewords?

Edgewords is a Ranorex Training Partner and all of our trainers are certified Ranorex Consultants.

Edgewords has been delivering training in automated testing for over a decade and is recognised as one of Europe’s leading providers in this field. All of our trainers have at least 10 years testing experience, so can provide expert advice on industry best practices.

All of our courses are practical, written by testing consultants, so you really learn how to develop real-world tests and overcome common problems you will experience along the way.

Comprehensive workbooks are provided that act as a great resource after the course when you need to start developing automated tests on your own.

Simply call us on +44 (0)333 939 8884 or submit an enquiry form here and we will assist you in finding the most suitable course for your needs.