BDD with Ranorex and SpecFlow

We have been asked a few times now about whether it is possible to use Ranorex together with Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) – and the answer is YES!

Ranorex is built on Microsoft .NET, so we can use Microsoft Development Studio, together with SpecFlow (our BDD tool) and use the Ranorex Automation API to achieve this.

You can also take this a bit further and incorporate your solution into Continuous Integration. In the Webinar, we demonstrate that you can use the NUnit console runner to execute your Features from the command line, and then demonstrate this from Jenkins.

We recently did a Webinar on this topic for a customer – so please see the video recordings of the webinar below.

The technology used:

  • Ranorex Automation API
  • Microsoft Visual Development Studio
  • SpecFlow Visual Studio Extension
  • NUnit & NUnit.ConsoleRunner
  • Pickles
  • Jenkins


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