Selenium WebDriver C# and Jenkins Integration

//Selenium WebDriver C# and Jenkins Integration

Selenium WebDriver C# and Jenkins Integration

Many people ask us about integrating their WebDriver C# Test Automation with Jenkins. Allowing us to incorporate testing into the wider C.I. approach. This topic is included in all of our Selenium training courses, but here is a quick start with .NET

In this blog we have slides on how to integrate Selenium WebDriver C#, GitHub and Jenkins for a Continuous Integration approach. This assumes you have pushed your Visual Studio Project up to GitHub.

We will be using: Visual Studio, GitHub, Jenkins, MSBuild.exe, NuGet.exe and various Jenkins plugins covered in the slides.

Our WebDriver C# training course has now been extended to 3 days, and includes this topic as well as Git/GitHub integration, see the course overview here

WebDriver CS and Jenkins
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