SpecFlow Integration with Azure DevOps

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Integrating a SpecFlow Visual Studio Project with Azure DevOps for Continuous Integration Recently, a common question we get asked when delivering our BDD using SpecFlow and Selenium WebDriver course is how to integrate a SpecFlow Visual Studio project with Azure DevOps. In this video we give you a simple step by step guide on pushing [...]

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Test Automation with ALM Octane, Jenkins, GitHub & Selenium

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DevOps & Continuous Integration with ALM OctaneThis webinar demonstrates using Microfocus' ALM Octane, Jenkins, GitHub and Selenium WebDriver Java with Cucumber to provide a full end-to-end C.I. approach to automated testing. TrainingEdgewords is a specialist in automated software testing tools.Octane TrainingSelenium TrainingBDD Cucumber Training

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Take a Screenshot if a Test Fails using JUnit

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How to check if a Test has failed using JUnit? This blog introduces the JUnit TestWatcher Class. We can use this to detect the Status of a Test Case, and if it has failed, we can then invoke a Method to do something - in this case, report the error and take a screenshot. There are [...]

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IntelliJ with Cucumber and Selenium WebDriver Java

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In this blog we will explore how to set up IntelliJ to create a Maven project for using Cucumber with Selenium WebDriver Java Pre-requisites JDK Install Install Java Development Kit from Add a Windows environment variable (system properties, WinKey + Pause -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables) JAVA_HOME to point at the JDK directory. [...]

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Highlighting Web Elements

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Highlighting Web Elements with Selenium WebDriver C# Selenium WebDriver is a test automation tool used to drive web applications (hence the name) :D. It works at the user interface level, so it will click on buttons, enter text into text fields, perform validations for us etc. as well as a multitude of other functions. One issue, [...]

ChromeDriver Options for starting Chrome with WebDriver

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In this Blog we take a look at some of the options provided with the ChromeDriver Server for starting Chrome with various options when using Selenium WebDriver. The examples are in C# so you may need to tailor for Java. Set Path to the ChromeDriver Server System.setProperty("","C:\\Drivers\\chromedriver.exe") WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver(); driver.get(""); or you [...]

Headless Browser Testing

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Headless Browser Testing - Selenium WebDriver Headless browser testing is simply testing a web pages functionality, without a GUI present. There are various different browsers we could use for this, including: Chrome Firefox PhantomJS HtmlUnit PhantomJS is the only driver that must be downloaded separately, the other three, come bundled in with their corresponding driver servers, [...]

How to use Ranorex Parallel Runner for Web Testing

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The Ranorex Parallel Runner is a new feature in Ranorex Studio 7.2, it is a command-line tool that allows you to execute Web Tests against Selenium Server/Grid on remote machines, in parallel! This blog takes you through the set-up and process of using the Ranorex Parallel Runner, to execute our tests, remotely, in parallel. Requirements: Ranorex [...]

How to set up a Linux Virtual Machine for Selenium Grid – Part 1

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As a follow on to the earlier tutorial How to set up a Selenium Grid for Remote WebDriver Execution, in this tutorial we are going to set up a small Linux Virtual Machine (VM) for running remote WebDriver tests via Selenium Grid. Broadly the steps involved are: Acquire and Install Virtual Machine Software Create a virtual [...]

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)

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What is Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD)? History eXtreme Programming (XP) and Test-Driven Development (TDD) have been around for a long time. The idea was for stakeholders and testers to write automated tests that expressed their desired outcome from the system. These would fail to begin with as there was no code to test against, but [...]

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